Anti Bullying Show

Some recent statistics show:

  • An estimated 30% of all students - or 5.7 million children - are involved in bullying as either a bully, a target of a bully, or both.
  • 160,000 children stay home from school every day due to bullying.
  • Every 7 minutes, a child is bullied on a school playground. Adult intervention = 4%. Peer intervention = 11%. No intervention = 85%.

In October, the Whispering Oak Elementary PTO

will presents an anti-bullying show to its 3rd grade students.

The show raises awareness among the students about bullying - how to spot it and how to stop it. The show illustrates the importance of engaging in group activities by incorporating fun & youthful demonstrations into the show!

This year the show will be presented by MicheLee Puppets and is sure to catch our 3rd graders attention in fun and meaningful way while delivery a powerful message.