Order online at & enter yearbook ID code: 9388417

Order Due Dates:

Love line messages must be purchased & submitted by Thursday, March 16th.

All pre-orders must be received by Wednesday, April 12th.

There is no guarantee that there will be any copies available for purchase after this day.

Pride PTO Members: If you signed up as a pride member at the beginning of the school, please do not place an order online. You will be contact directly with information on how to get your personalized yearbook.

Yearbooks can be purchased for $30.00 and include the following:

  • Sturdy Soft Cover
  • All-color pages that vibrantly capture school memories (128 pages)
  • School name and year imprinted in foil on the cover
  • Student's portrait and name printed on the cover (only on pre-orders)
  • Original student artwork throughout the book

ADD ON the following options:

    • Hard Cover - $5.00
    • Love line message - $5.00

**Please note that classroom group pictures will not be on the class pages of this yearbook. Therefore, please plan to order those prior to picture day if you would like a copy of that group picture.

The yearbook committee will be collecting artwork directly from students to be featured in our school yearbook. Each class page will be represented by a drawing from a student in that class. We are assigning a theme for each grade level for students to create a drawing. A sub-committee of the yearbook will select a student’s drawing from each class to be featured on that student’s classroom page. Please see below for rules and grade level themes.

Please submit your drawing by Friday, February 24th in a large envelope or folder marked “Attn: PTO – Yearbook


  • Drawing must be of the theme assigned to each student’s grade level.
  • Drawing must be on a blank sheet of paper (without lines). Please do not use notebook paper.
  • Page size can be up to an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. Drawing may be either landscape or portrait.
  • Student’s name, grade, and teacher name must be on the back side of the paper in the lower right. We will mention child’s name in yearbook.
  • Drawing must appear to be made by a child in that grade level.
  • Students may use any medium to create their drawing – crayons, markers, paint, etc. – as long as the surface is flat since the drawings will need to be scanned to be placed in the yearbook.


Kindergarten &VPK – School Building

1st Grade – Willy Wildcat (Mascot)

2nd Grade – Classroom Teacher

3rd Grade – Mr. Montgomery

4th Grade – Favorite Special Area

5th Grade – Recess Time / Playground

Have Fun!!

Questions or comments, please contact

The Yearbook Committee works throughout the school year to design and

compose the yearbook that is sold at the end of the school year by:

1. Collecting or taking pictures of students learning, in activities, or at special events among other occasions.

2. Picture are taken by committee members or collected from parents, teachers, and staff.

3. The committee members also provide input in the design and development of yearbook.

To find out more about the Yearbook Committee please join us at one of our committee meetings or PTO Meetings.

Have any questions about the yearbook?

Please contact our School Spirit VP, Margrett Guagliardo, at